dpHUE Custom SINGLE Color Kit - For Reorder Customers Only

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Color Kit Includes: everything you need for 1 full hair color. This is for customers who have visited out colorBAR and received a formula from a dpHUE colorist. 

Personalized Custom Color Card 
Hair Color
Hair Color Developer 
Application Instructions 
Bottle Applicator 
Protective Gloves 
dpHUE Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner Sample

If you are looking for our Double Color Kit (2 colors blended together, but still 1 application) click here

Now your custom, shiny, multi-dimensional dpHUE color that you use and love can be delivered right to your doorstep!

dpHUE hair color is amazingly gentle and its crème base means a smooth, even and easy application, with no dripping or mess.  Yes, you’ll love your new hair color, but your hair will love you for it too! With UV filters for longer lasting fade-free results, and ultra-low levels of ammonia to reduce the risk of sensitivity and deliver virtually damage free color, we’ll leave your locks feeling like they’ve had a conditioning treatment along with their new HUE.  

Forgot your custom color? Give us a call at 952-922-0049! We can look it up for you. Or email us at info@dphue.com.